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Psalm chapter 5

What does Psalm chapter 5 mean?

As with Psalms 3 and 4, Psalm 5 is connected to David's conflict with his rebellious son, Absalom (2 Samuel 15:1–6). After winning a large following, Absalom attempted a murderous coup against his father (2 Samuel 15:13–14). David's writing in these several psalms includes his thoughts and feelings during this dangerous time (Psalm 3:1). The request for God to bring judgment makes this one of the so-called "imprecatory psalms."

David begins with a prayer for God's attention, including a declaration that he seeks to honor the Lord. Psalm 7:1–2 contains similar language as David seeks the favor of God in a difficult time (Psalm 5:1–3).

Next, David describes the wickedness of those who oppose him. Part of David's confidence came from knowing that he honored God, and his enemies did not. He trusts that God will ultimately vindicate him in the face of wicked opponents (Psalm 5:4–6).

Closing out this song, David expresses confidence in God's impending judgment on the wicked. Once again, he declares his sincere obedience to God. This passage directly calls on God to bring consequences on those who are evil. This is known as "imprecation," and is why this is considered one of the "imprecatory" psalms (Psalm 5:7–12).
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