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Psalm chapter 100

What does Psalm chapter 100 mean?

This psalm presents themes common in worship songs and hymns even today. Psalms 95—100, along with Psalm 93 are considered "royal psalms," calling on all people to honor God according to His divine status.

The psalm opens with a command for the entire world to honor God. Even though God chose the nation of Israel for special purposes, His love extends to everyone (John 3:16). So, too, does proof of His existence make itself available to all people (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:18–20). Knowing who God is, and what He has done, should inspire those who love Him to respond with enthusiastic praise (Psalm 100:1–2).

The second part of this short song worships God for His faithful love. Verse 5 uses the Hebrew root word he'sed, referring to a constant, loyal, deep love. As Creator (Genesis 1:1), God is even more deserving of our obedience and praise (Psalm 100:3–5).
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