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Psalm chapter 64

What does Psalm chapter 64 mean?

This psalm begins with a broad prayer for safety and rescue from David's enemies (Psalm 64:1).

David then describes the lies, hateful words, plots, and schemes of his enemies. Their words are calculated, as are their plans. They think to destroy David, as in an ambush, without retaliation. They presume their careful plotting will prevent consequences: that they can get away with their wicked assault. This reflects the depraved nature of the human heart (Psalm 64:2–6).

However, God will turn the tables on these conspirators. Instead of benefitting from their scheme, the plotters will be exposed. They will suffer God's judgment. This will include being shamed and renounced by others in the world. While others might not understand exactly what has happened, they will recognize it as God's retribution against evil men (Psalm 64:7–9).

David applies his personal faith and experience (1 Samuel 19:11; 2 Samuel 15:13–14) by encouraging others to trust the Lord. Those who follow God, rather than scheme in the dark, have good reason to celebrate their relationship with the Lord (Psalm 64:10).
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