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Psalm chapter 3

What does Psalm chapter 3 mean?

David's son, Absalom, began a violent revolution. He even contemplated sending a 12,000-man army to kill his father (2 Samuel 17:1–3). Only the interference of David's ally prevented that overwhelming assault from happening (2 Samuel 17:15–16). That was the background for this prayer of David.

David begins by expressing the trouble he faces. His enemies are vast in number, and increasing in their power and influence. Beyond that, it seems David's peers are suggesting he's been abandoned by God. The situation seems bleak. Other people are telling David to give up and accept his doom (Psalm 3:1–2).

However, this is not the first time David has faced dire circumstances. Many times, he has trusted God to carry him through danger. Faced with those struggles and threats, David slept soundly knowing God was entirely in control. This present trouble, for David, is no different. Even though there are—literally—thousands of people against him, his faith is not shaken (Psalm 3:3–6).

Based on that conviction, David prays for God to deliver victory over these enemies. The imagery here is graphic, picturing a devastating blow that shatters an enemy and leaves them incapable of fighting back. Confidence based on experience shines through in David's prayer over his dangerous situation (Psalm 3:7–8).
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