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Psalm chapter 67

What does Psalm chapter 67 mean?

This psalm connects closely to the themes of psalm 66. The prior psalm is heavy with praise for God's salvation. Here, the focus is on God's provision and a general call for the entire world to worship Him.

The blessing contained in the first verse is nearly identical to words given to Moses, by God, as a blessing to Israel (Numbers 6:24–26). When the Lord's face "shines" on someone, it implies His approval and favor. That connects to the Hebrew concept of light as a metaphor for truth and goodness. In the ancient world, this was also a reference to happiness, much as in modern English we say a person's face is "beaming" with joy. Rather than reserving this for Israel, the psalmist hopes that God's renown will reach the entire world. "The peoples" refer to non-Jews: the Gentiles. This is a universal call for all humankind to praise their Creator (Psalm 67:1–3).

God's rule over the world is fair and righteous. For that reason, all the people of the world should be grateful. That God uses "equity," in this context, means that He does not show undue favoritism. Although Israel is His chosen people, the Lord applies fairness to His dealings with the entire earth. In the same way, He guides every culture. Some resist His will, others do not. But all people on earth should honor God for His goodness (Psalm 67:4–5).

References to harvests may be literal, or symbolic of spiritual impact, or both. Here, the psalmist speaks of the land producing a large harvest. This is connected to expected blessings from God. In fact, the psalmist repeats this assurance of future blessings. His hope is that all people will properly honor God (Proverbs 1:7), wherever they may be (Psalm 67:6–7).
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