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Psalm 60:6

ESV God has spoken in his holiness: “With exultation I will divide up Shechem and portion out the Vale of Succoth.
NIV God has spoken from his sanctuary: 'In triumph I will parcel out Shechem and measure off the Valley of Sukkoth.
NASB God has spoken in His holiness: 'I will triumph, I will divide up Shechem, and measure out the Valley of Succoth.
CSB God has spoken in his sanctuary: "I will celebrate! I will divide up Shechem. I will apportion the Valley of Succoth.
NLT God has promised this by his holiness : 'I will divide up Shechem with joy. I will measure out the valley of Succoth.
KJV God hath spoken in his holiness; I will rejoice, I will divide Shechem, and mete out the valley of Succoth.

What does Psalm 60:6 mean?

David wrote this psalm in response to a surprise invasion by the nation of Edom (Psalm 60:1–3), asking for the Lord's rescue (Psalm 60:4–5). Here, the psalm presents a declaration from God. The Lord will show His exalted status, as explained with references which are both literal and poetic.

The patriarch Jacob traveled to Succoth, where he built a house and shelters for his livestock (Genesis 33:17). He later camped near Shechem, where he bought property, settled his family, and built an altar (Genesis 33:18–20). Eventually, Shechem was an important city in Ephraim. Succoth lay east of Shechem, but both Shechem and Succoth were located west of the Jordan River. That God promised to dispense the lands of Shechem and Succoth was evidence of His ownership of both. He is promising to give Israel victory over her enemies; blessing awaited the nation beyond her battles.

The ultimate fulfillment of the promise to give Israel Shechem and Succoth belongs to the millennial reign of Christ, when He gives the Promised Land to the saved remnant of Israel.
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