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Psalm 52:1

ESV To the choirmaster. A Maskil of David, when Doeg, the Edomite, came and told Saul, “David has come to the house of Ahimelech.” Why do you boast of evil, O mighty man? The steadfast love of God endures all the day.
NIV For the director of music. A maskil of David. When Doeg the Edomite had gone to Saul and told him: 'David has gone to the house of Ahimelek.' Why do you boast of evil, you mighty hero? Why do you boast all day long, you who are a disgrace in the eyes of God?
NASB Why do you boast in evil, you mighty man? The faithfulness of God endures all day long.
CSB Why boast about evil, you hero! God's faithful love is constant.
NLT Why do you boast about your crimes, great warrior? Don’t you realize God’s justice continues forever?
KJV {To the chief Musician, Maschil, A Psalm of David, when Doeg the Edomite came and told Saul, and said unto him, David is come to the house of Ahimelech.} Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually.

What does Psalm 52:1 mean?

This psalm is directed at Doeg, an Edomite herder who informed Saul about David's encounter with a local priest (1 Samuel 21:1–9; 22:9–10). Doeg then murdered the priests and their families at Saul's command (1 Samuel 22:17–19). Terms like "mighty man" or "man of valor" were often used of skilled warriors (2 Kings 5:1; 1 Samuel 16:18; Isaiah 42:13). Using that title for a rancher who committed mass murder against innocents mocks Doeg's lack of integrity and true valor.

Scripture makes no references to Doeg other than that incident. Yet it seems he bragged about his deeds. Or, at least, he showed no remorse for the innocent blood he'd shed. David compares Doeg's bragging about evil to the constant, daily love of the Lord. Later, David will point out that this love will lead to God's judgment on evil people (Psalm 52:5). Human beings' evil deeds stand in stark contrast to God's immeasurable love. Murderers show contempt for their fellow human beings. They have no regard for the fact that God created man in His own image (Genesis 1:27). They push aside the truth that "God shows his love for us in that we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).
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