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Psalm 29:7

ESV The voice of the LORD flashes forth flames of fire.
NIV The voice of the LORD strikes with flashes of lightning.
NASB The voice of the Lord divides flames of fire.
CSB The voice of the Lord flashes flames of fire.
NLT The voice of the Lord strikes with bolts of lightning.
KJV The voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire.

What does Psalm 29:7 mean?

In this psalm, David celebrates God's power. In poetic form he described God's voice as a potent thunderstorm or series of earthquakes (Psalm 29:3–8). This verse refers to lightning, often described in the Bible as a form of "fire" (Exodus 9:23).

Perhaps it was lightning that consumed Elijah's sacrifice at Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:38). It may have been fiery lightning that consumed the men whom the king of Samaria sent to Elijah (2 Kings 1:9–14). In Job's description of God's works he credits God with decreeing rain and a way for lightning (Job 28:26). In his description of four heavenly beings, Ezekiel writes that they had the appearance of torches. When they moved, their appearance resembled "a flash of lightning" (Ezekiel 1:14).

Jesus compared His second coming to the lightning that comes from the east and shines as far as the west (Matthew 24:27). When God judges the city of Babylon in the tribulation period, flashes of lightning will strike it (Revelation 16:18). God controls all things, including lightning!
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