Psalm 109:28

ESV Let them curse, but you will bless! They arise and are put to shame, but your servant will be glad!
NIV While they curse, may you bless; may those who attack me be put to shame, but may your servant rejoice.
NASB They will curse, but You bless; When they arise, they will be ashamed, But Your servant will be glad.
CSB Though they curse, you will bless. When they rise up, they will be put to shame, but your servant will rejoice.
NLT Then let them curse me if they like, but you will bless me! When they attack me, they will be disgraced! But I, your servant, will go right on rejoicing!
KJV Let them curse, but bless thou: when they arise, let them be ashamed; but let thy servant rejoice.

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