Genesis 27:32

ESV His father Isaac said to him, “Who are you?” He answered, “I am your son, your firstborn, Esau.”
NIV His father Isaac asked him, 'Who are you?' 'I am your son,' he answered, 'your firstborn, Esau.'
NASB His father Isaac said to him, 'Who are you?' And he said, 'I am your son, your firstborn, Esau.'
CSB But his father Isaac said to him, "Who are you? "He answered, "I am Esau your firstborn son."
NLT But Isaac asked him, 'Who are you?' Esau replied, 'It’s your son, your firstborn son, Esau.'
KJV And Isaac his father said unto him, Who art thou? And he said, I am thy son, thy firstborn Esau.

What does Genesis 27:32 mean?

Jacob has just successfully scammed his father, by impersonating Esau, his older brother (Genesis 27:19–30). The purpose of this was to obtain the family blessing which Isaac meant to give Esau (Genesis 27:2–5). The plot went so far as to use Esau's clothes (Genesis 27:15), goat skins (Genesis 27:16), and food meant to mimic Isaac's favorite meal (Genesis 27:17). The basis for this entire incident is the fact that Isaac is old and blind (Genesis 27:1).

When Esau returns, having done exactly as Isaac asked him, he is met with a rude awakening. Isaac, old and blind, does not recognize Esau, just as he did not recognize Jacob dressed as Esau (Genesis 27:18). The old man is forced to ask, once again, who is standing before him. He gets the same answer: I am your firstborn son Esau.

Suddenly, the deception is revealed. The suspicions Isaac had when Jacob was there are confirmed, and he realizes that he's been played for a fool. He reacts forcefully, as one would expect.
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