Genesis 10:15

ESV Canaan fathered Sidon his firstborn and Heth,
NIV Canaan was the father of Sidon his firstborn, and of the Hittites,
NASB Canaan fathered Sidon, his firstborn, and Heth,
CSB Canaan fathered Sidon his firstborn and Heth,
NLT Canaan’s oldest son was Sidon, the ancestor of the Sidonians. Canaan was also the ancestor of the Hittites,
KJV And Canaan begot Sidon his firstborn, and Heth,
NKJV Canaan begot Sidon his firstborn, and Heth;

What does Genesis 10:15 mean?

Genesis 10 contains a table of nations, a description of how the descendants of Noah's sons became the peoples of the ancient world. After detailing the descendants of Ham's other sons, this verse begins a listing of the sons of Canaan. These sons will become the Canaanites, the peoples who occupied the Promised Land before the nation of Israel arrived to claim it under the direct orders of God (Exodus 3:17). The evil of these Canaanite nations would become so severe that Israel was used as God's instrument of judgment against them (Deuteronomy 9:3–6).

Canaan's firstborn son was Sidon. The city of Sidon (Judges 1:31; Acts 27:3) is one of the oldest in the region of Canaan. Canaan's son Heth has a connection to the Hittites, but apparently not a direct connection to the great nation of the Hittites that would arise later (Exodus 13:5; Judges 1:26).
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