Luke 2:30

ESV for my eyes have seen your salvation
NIV For my eyes have seen your salvation,
NASB For my eyes have seen Your salvation,
CSB For my eyes have seen your salvation.
NLT I have seen your salvation,
KJV For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,

What does Luke 2:30 mean?

Here, a man filled with the Holy Spirit holds the infant Jesus, in the temple in Jerusalem. He is praising God for fulfilling promises to send the Messiah. Joseph and Mary have brought Jesus for purification rites. There, they meet Simeon, who was given divine assurance that he would live to see the arrival of the Promised One (Luke 2:22–29).

Simeon refers to Jesus here as "[God's] salvation." This echoes prophetic remarks from Isaiah (Isaiah 9:6–7; 52:10). Christ's role on earth, in part, will be to accomplish the sacrifice needed to atone for all human sin (Philippians 2:8; Romans 5:6–8). This offer of redemption will be made available not only to Israel, but to all people of the world (Luke 2:31–32).
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