2 Samuel 2:20

ESV Then Abner looked behind him and said, “Is it you, Asahel?” And he answered, “It is I.”
NIV Abner looked behind him and asked, 'Is that you, Asahel?' 'It is,' he answered.
NASB Then Abner looked behind himself and said, 'Is that you, Asahel?' And he said, 'It is I!'
CSB Abner glanced back and said, "Is that you, Asahel? ""Yes it is," Asahel replied.
NLT When Abner looked back and saw him coming, he called out, 'Is that you, Asahel?' 'Yes, it is,' he replied.
KJV Then Abner looked behind him, and said, Art thou Asahel? And he answered, I am.

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