Isaiah 7:24

ESV With bow and arrows a man will come there, for all the land will be briers and thorns.
NIV Hunters will go there with bow and arrow, for the land will be covered with briers and thorns.
NASB People will come there with bows and arrows, because all the land will be briars and thorns.
CSB A man will go there with bow and arrows because the whole land will be thorns and briers.
NLT The entire land will become a vast expanse of briers and thorns, a hunting ground overrun by wildlife.
KJV With arrows and with bows shall men come thither; because all the land shall become briers and thorns.

What does Isaiah 7:24 mean?

Isaiah is describing the vast changes coming to Judah's land and economy after the Lord uses the king of Assyria to bring His judgment (Isaiah 7:20–22). There will be so few people left, that once rich and productive vineyards will become overgrown with thistles and thorns (Isaiah 7:23).

Agriculture, especially the grape harvest, was key to Judah's economy. That industry relied on plentiful workers to work the vineyards to keep the fields free from weeds and thorns and to keep the vines productive. Much of the population will eventually be killed or carried away by the Assyrians. Those left behind will be insufficient to look after the vineyards. Instead, the people will revert to hunting to survive, using bows and arrows to bring down game to eat. The land will revert from agriculture to hunting and herding.
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