Isaiah 5:9

ESV The LORD of hosts has sworn in my hearing: “Surely many houses shall be desolate, large and beautiful houses, without inhabitant.
NIV The LORD Almighty has declared in my hearing: 'Surely the great houses will become desolate, the fine mansions left without occupants.
NASB In my ears the Lord of armies has sworn, 'Many houses shall certainly become desolate, Even great and fine ones, without occupants.
CSB I heard the Lord of Armies say: Indeed, many houses will become desolate, grand and lovely ones without inhabitants.
NLT But I have heard the Lord of Heaven’s Armies swear a solemn oath: 'Many houses will stand deserted; even beautiful mansions will be empty.
KJV In mine ears said the LORD of hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair, without inhabitant.

What does Isaiah 5:9 mean?

Isaiah reveals to Israel what will become of the mansions built after the wealthy have bought up all the houses of the poor (Isaiah 5:8). Many of those large houses will simply sit abandoned. They may be beautiful, but they will have no purpose.

These glorious houses made for the wealthy become the perfect example of useless fruit. They are the product of the rich coveting the land of those who are poorer than them. The wealthy are successful enough to build the houses, but they won't be around long enough to genuinely enjoy these places. Either the Lord's judgment will drive them from the land or they will simply occupy other homes in other places. This adds insult to injury to the poor families from whom they scooped these homes. Not only were they unable to keep the lands that had been theirs, but the land wasn't even appreciated by those who bought it. This serves as a perfect example of the excesses of the people of Israel in Isaiah's era.
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