Isaiah 10:30

ESV Cry aloud, O daughter of Gallim! Give attention, O Laishah! O poor Anathoth!
NIV Cry out, Daughter Gallim! Listen, Laishah! Poor Anathoth!
NASB Cry aloud with your voice, daughter of Gallim! Pay attention, Laishah and wretched Anathoth!
CSB Cry aloud, daughter of Gallim! Listen, Laishah! Anathoth is miserable.
NLT Scream in terror, you people of Gallim! Shout out a warning to Laishah. Oh, poor Anathoth!
KJV Lift up thy voice, O daughter of Gallim: cause it to be heard unto Laish, O poor Anathoth.
NKJV Lift up your voice, O daughter of Gallim! Cause it to be heard as far as Laish— O poor Anathoth!

What does Isaiah 10:30 mean?

Isaiah is describing the route of an invading army that will come to attack Jerusalem (Isaiah 10:28–29). The army would spend the night in the town of Geba. This leads to panic in the nearby towns of Ramah and Gibeah. Instead of moving towards those towns, the invaders will head straight for Anathoth on their way to Jerusalem. Isaiah tells the people of the nearby towns of Gallim and Laishah to cry aloud because of the potential destruction coming their way. He concludes, though, by simply saying "O poor Anathoth!"

Anathoth was the hometown of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:1) and is just northeast of Jerusalem. This next move brings the invaders remarkably close to their ultimate target.
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