Genesis 35:24

ESV The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin.
NIV The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin.
NASB the sons of Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin;
CSB Rachel's sons were Joseph and Benjamin.
NLT The sons of Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin.
KJV The sons of Rachel; Joseph, and Benjamin:

What does Genesis 35:24 mean?

This section of verses lists the 12 sons of Jacob according to their birth mothers. Though Jacob only pursued Rachel, he was cheated by her father and tricked into also marrying her sister, Leah (Genesis 29:25–28). The bitterness of that arrangement became a rivalry (Genesis 29:30–31). This sharpened to the point the two sisters brought their servants into the marriage as surrogates. Children born to Rachel's servant, Bilhah, would have legally been considered hers (Genesis 35:25).

The sons of Jacob's most loved and recently deceased wife Rachel (Genesis 35:16–20) are Joseph (Genesis 30:23–24) and Benjamin (Genesis 35:18). Joseph will quickly come to be revealed as Jacob's most loved son. The following section of Genesis will focus mostly on his story. Benjamin is now the baby of the family, and Jacob's last link to Rachel (Genesis 42:4).

Since the sons become the patriarchs of the nation of Israel, only they are noted by name. Other than Dinah (Genesis 30:21; 34:1), any daughters borne by these women are left unmentioned.
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