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Titus chapter 2

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What does Titus chapter 2 mean?

Titus, 1 Timothy, and 2 Timothy are the three "Pastoral Epistles" of the apostle Paul. These were written as a way to give instructions to local church leaders.

Titus 2:1–10 gives specific instructions for various groups within the church. Titus is commanded to teach each of these groups with authority. Paul includes directions tailored for older men, older women, younger men, and younger women. This part of the chapter emphasizes characteristics such as self-control, faithfulness, dignity, respect, godliness, and love. Older men and women are to mentor younger men and women, respectively. Paul also gives directions to servants, regarding submission to their masters. Titus is given instruction, as well, for the correct conduct of a leader. A major reason for right behavior is to leave critics no room to attack the Christian faith.

Titus 2:11–15 explains how the grace of God inspires Christians toward this right behavior and right thinking. The qualities which Paul describes earlier in the chapter must be grounded in the grace God gives to us. The previous Scriptures gave instructions for proper behavior of church members. Here, God's grace is shown as the foundation on which traits such as self-control, respect, and godliness are built. Paul also commands Titus to teach these ideas boldly, and with authority.
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