Titus 2:1 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Titus 2:1, NIV: "You, however, must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine."

Titus 2:1, ESV: "But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine."

Titus 2:1, KJV: "But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:"

Titus 2:1, NASB: "But as for you, proclaim the things which are fitting for sound doctrine."

Titus 2:1, NLT: "As for you, Titus, promote the kind of living that reflects wholesome teaching."

Titus 2:1, CSB: "But you are to proclaim things consistent with sound teaching."

What does Titus 2:1 mean? [⇑ See verse text ⇑]

Chapter 1 ended with a discussion of false teachers. The first verse of chapter 2 shifts the focus back to Titus himself. In contrast to the false teachers, Titus was to instruct people according to "sound doctrine," or "sound teaching." Paul previously mentioned the importance of correct doctrine to Titus (Titus 1:9). He had also mentioned it to Timothy (1 Timothy 1:10), where he lists various sinful practices which are incompatible with sound teachings. Both of these passages explain sound doctrine as both a teaching and a way of life, which stands in stark contrast to sinful teaching and sinful living. As with many aspects of Jewish culture, life was viewed from a holistic perspective. Teaching and lifestyle were intimately connected.

Paul will also mention doctrine in Titus 2:10. There, he will connect a godly lifestyle with "good faith." Paul also explains there that this doctrine comes from God, not his own mind. This God is the God of both Titus and Paul.