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Titus chapter 3

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What does Titus chapter 3 mean?

Titus, 1 Timothy, and 2 Timothy are the three "Pastoral Epistles" of the apostle Paul. These were written in order to give instructions to local church leaders.

Titus chapter 3 applies the teachings which Paul gave in chapters 2 and 3. He encourages Christians to live separately from the immoral culture of Crete. Paul contrasts seven worthy behaviors with seven sins associated with unbelief. These are a reminder of what these believers had already been taught, not a new set of instructions.

Paul then explains that salvation is entirely on the basis of God's mercy. It is not something we earn by doing good works. When a person accepts Christ, they experience a spiritual cleansing, or "regeneration." The Holy Spirit is given to us as a result of God's generosity and grace.

The text affirms that this depiction of grace is something to be trusted. Titus is given instructions to emphasize these basic principles—to insist on them. Paul also lists four activities which Titus is told to avoid. These are pointless debate, arguments over genealogy, quarrels, and debates over the law of Moses. These not only waste time, they give inappropriate attention to false teachers. Instead, those who teach false doctrine are to be warned, then cut off.

Paul concludes the letter with greetings of love from fellow believers. He instructs Titus to assist Zenas and Apollos, who had delivered the message. He also asks Titus to make plans to visit him in the Greek city of Nicopolis, where Paul plans to spend the winter.
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