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John 10:22

ESV At that time the Feast of Dedication took place at Jerusalem. It was winter,
NIV Then came the Festival of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter,
NASB At that time the Feast of the Dedication took place in Jerusalem;
CSB Then the Festival of Dedication took place in Jerusalem, and it was winter.
NLT It was now winter, and Jesus was in Jerusalem at the time of Hanukkah, the Festival of Dedication.
KJV And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.

What does John 10:22 mean?

This verse represents a leap in time. Everything from chapters 7, 8, 9, and so far in chapter 10 occurred in a single sequence at the Feast of Booths. This festival is held in the fall. That narrative ended with the crowd's divided reaction to Jesus' teachings (John 10:19–21). This verse moves John's gospel ahead several months, to the Feast of Dedication, which occurs in early winter. The Feast of Dedication is not one of Israel's mandatory celebrations, but it has become one of its most symbolic. Today, it is more commonly referred to as the Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah.

The general topic of this upcoming passage is very much the same as what Jesus discussed in chapter 10. The conversation here is probably directly inspired by the conflict Jesus created by healing a man born blind (John 9). The hostility of Jesus' religious critics is becoming more overt and more aggressive. In the following verses, they will corner Jesus in a blatantly threatening way, once again attempting to stone Him. This naked violence is one reason Jesus, prior to His arrest, ceased His public preaching and began to focus on preparing the Twelve for what was to come. This encounter marks the last time Jesus will debate these religious leaders prior to His crucifixion.
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