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John 1:2

ESV He was in the beginning with God.
NIV He was with God in the beginning.
NASB He was in the beginning with God.
CSB He was with God in the beginning.
NLT He existed in the beginning with God.
KJV The same was in the beginning with God.

What does John 1:2 mean?

Verse 2 continues to introduce Jesus, while countering false views of spirituality. Verse 1 described Jesus as the Logos, meaning "The Word," of God. Jesus is a living message, a definition of God the Father. John also specifies that Jesus did not become God, or rise to the level of God. Jesus Christ was always God, from the very beginning. John 1:1 states that the Word was God, not something separate from God. John 1:2 clarifies that this was true, right from the start. Jesus was not a created being, nor a separate being. He was, and is, identical to God. This is a claim Jesus will make of Himself later in the gospel. In John 8:38, for instance, Jesus claims to speak what He has heard directly from the Father. Shortly after, in John 8:58, Jesus not only claims to have existed before Abraham, He refers to Himself using the name of God: I AM. John will relate several of these "I AM" statements in his book.
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