Luke 17:32

ESV Remember Lot’s wife.
NIV Remember Lot's wife!
NASB Remember Lot’s wife.
CSB Remember Lot's wife!
NLT Remember what happened to Lot’s wife!
KJV Remember Lot's wife.

What does Luke 17:32 mean?

How much do we really trust Jesus? How much do we value our relationship with God over worldly things? When the two angels walked into Sodom, God had made up His mind: Sodom was going to be destroyed with sulfur and fire. Only Lot and his family would be spared. Their finery, money, lifestyle, and friends were about to melt into the earth. The people of Sodom had sinned sexually and socially (Genesis 19:4–10, 24; Ezekiel 16:49–50), so judgment was coming.

As Lot led his daughters from the city, his wife "looked back." She turned her focus to what she was losing instead of looking forward to God's offer of salvation (Genesis 19:1–26).

When Jesus returns at the end of the tribulation to judge the world for humanity's rebellion against God, God will offer protection for a remnant who follow Him, as He always has. The Lord specializes in remnants: comparatively small pockets of people, surrounded by the evil world, who know God and have faith in Him.

But faith must be consistent with actions or it isn't true faith (James 2:18). When judgment comes, the remnant must remember Lot's wife. If they're at work, they need to flee to safety without going home. If they're in the yard, they need to go immediately, leaving their wallet, provisions, even a jacket in the house (Luke 17:31). This doesn't necessarily mean any person who instinctively avoids something fatal proves they have no faith. But it is a warning not to seek rescue through things of the world, or to prioritize one's life over obedience. Even as we trust Jesus' promises, we must be willing to lose our physical lives, knowing Jesus gives us eternal life (Luke 17:33).
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