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Hebrews 13:7

ESV Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.
NIV Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.
NASB Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their way of life, imitate their faith.
CSB Remember your leaders who have spoken God's word to you. As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith.
NLT Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith.
KJV Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.

What does Hebrews 13:7 mean?

The prior passage mentioned a series of practical instructions. These were all aimed at Christian behavior and followed major themes offered in the rest of the New Testament. Among these were brotherly love, charity, sexual purity, and contentment (Hebrews 13:1–6). The ultimate source of confidence for Christian living, despite hardship, is our knowledge that Christ is on our side.

Here, the writer continues offering instructions, but with a more theological approach. The first instruction involves respect for Christian leadership. This might be a call for cooperation under the spiritual guidance of those leaders, similar to what Paul expressed to Timothy (1 Timothy 5:17) and Titus (Titus 3:1). Spiritual growth is meant to come via discipleship, which involves a more mature believer helping to grow the faith of a less-experienced Christian (Matthew 28:19–20; Ephesians 4:12–15). Reasonable respect is a necessity for learning.

However, the intent of this passage might be something more historical. Chapter 11 gave an extended list of figures who attained victory through faith, despite persecution. The ideas of remembrance, outcomes, and imitations seem to mirror earlier depictions (Hebrews 12:1). Context, then, suggests remembering the specific spiritual leaders in our lives, and their examples, when living out the Christian life.
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