Genesis 30:28

ESV Name your wages, and I will give it.”
NIV He added, 'Name your wages, and I will pay them.'
NASB He continued, 'Name me your wages, and I will give them.'
CSB Then Laban said, "Name your wages, and I will pay them."
NLT Tell me how much I owe you. Whatever it is, I’ll pay it.'
KJV And he said, Appoint me thy wages, and I will give it.

What does Genesis 30:28 mean?

Jacob has fulfilled his contract with Laban. He has worked fourteen years in exchange for his two wives, Laban's daughters (Genesis 29:18–30), even though half of this time was agreed to in the aftermath of a terrible betrayal. Now Jacob has demanded that Laban send him away so he can return to his own people (Genesis 30:25).

Laban has not agreed. It may be that Laban still has some legal right to detain Jacob, but he does not present his refusal in that way. Instead, Laban has openly revealed that he knows he has prospered because of the Lord's blessing of Jacob. He doesn't want to lose that. In this verse, he presents his refusal to let Jacob go as an opportunity for Jacob: "Name your price." In other words, Laban is proposing that he and Jacob strike a new deal now that Jacob has fulfilled the terms of the old one.

This is dangerous territory for Jacob: so far, every time he has negotiated a price for service with Laban, those deals have either ended in treachery (Genesis 29:22–23), or a request for more service, as in this verse.
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