Proverbs 7:9 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Proverbs 7:9, NIV: at twilight, as the day was fading, as the dark of night set in.

Proverbs 7:9, ESV: in the twilight, in the evening, at the time of night and darkness.

Proverbs 7:9, KJV: In the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night:

Proverbs 7:9, NASB: In the twilight, in the evening, In the middle of the night and the darkness.

Proverbs 7:9, NLT: It was at twilight, in the evening, as deep darkness fell.

Proverbs 7:9, CSB: at twilight, in the evening, in the dark of the night.

What does Proverbs 7:9 mean? [⇑ See verse text ⇑]

Solomon sees the foolish young man move toward the adulteress woman's house under the cover of darkness. Darkness seems to be the preferred time for illicit affairs and criminal activity. In Scripture, darkness represents sin. Jesus said, "And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed" (John 3:19–20).

However, the darkness cannot hide sinners and their evil practices from the all-seeing eye of God. The psalmist credited God with seeing him as clearly at night as in the day. He wrote in Psalm 139:11–12: "If I say, 'Surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light about me be night,' even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you."