Proverbs 1:14

ESV throw in your lot among us; we will all have one purse”—
NIV cast lots with us; we will all share the loot'--
NASB Throw in your lot with us; We will all have one money bag,'
CSB Throw in your lot with us, and we'll all share the loot" --
NLT Come, throw in your lot with us; we’ll all share the loot.'
KJV Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:

What does Proverbs 1:14 mean?

This verse ends with the typical promise of sin: "Throw in with us and we will all share in the plunder." Of course, in the real world, this isn't just unlikely, it's impossible. Sin never leads to all of the glorious outcomes it promises. There is no legitimate get rich quick scheme. Nobody engaged in sin and evil is going to fairly share with other sinners. Yet, this kind of approach continues to sell to the easily manipulated community. This, of course, means each one of us, which is the reason Proverbs brings this warning so early and so strongly.

Obviously, the book of Proverbs, along with the rest of the Bible, realizes that sin does sometimes result in temporary benefits (Psalm 73:3; Hebrews 11:25). More often than not, though, it leads to ruin and suffering (Galatians 6:8). And, of course, rejection of God will ultimately lead to eternal damnation (Mark 8:36; John 12:48).

Even though Solomon's example seems extreme, he uses it to explain many of the ways in which temptation can attack us. When understood this way, the enticement to sin is quite real. The purpose of the example is to help us recognize and reject those "sales tactics:" peer pressure, ends justifying the means, personal gain, and glory.
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