Matthew 27:35

ESV And when they had crucified him, they divided his garments among them by casting lots.
NIV When they had crucified him, they divided up his clothes by casting lots.
NASB And when they had crucified Him, they divided His garments among themselves by casting lots.
CSB After crucifying him, they divided his clothes by casting lots.
NLT After they had nailed him to the cross, the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.
KJV And they crucified him, and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots.

What does Matthew 27:35 mean?

Victims were almost always crucified naked. Jesus is almost always depicted wearing some minimal clothing in artwork. However, the balance of history and Roman practice suggests He was stripped nude as part of the shame and humiliation of crucifixion. The number of items being dispersed is given as five, in John 19:23–24. This would correspond to an entire outfit, including the undergarment. This, the tunic, seems to have been the subject of the gamble. Rather than tear the cloth, the soldiers each take an item and the last object is assigned by a game of chance.

It's believed that executioners at a crucifixion could take the victim's remaining clothing or personal effects as a bonus payment. The Roman soldiers perfectly and unknowingly fulfilled the prophecy found in Psalm 22:18: "they divide my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots." Luke records Jesus praying for forgiveness for these men (Luke 23:34).
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