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Genesis 33:12

ESV Then Esau said, "Let us journey on our way, and I will go ahead of you."
NIV Then Esau said, "Let us be on our way; I’ll accompany you."
NASB Then Esau said, 'Let’s journey on and go, and I will go ahead of you.'
CSB Then Esau said, "Let’s move on, and I’ll go ahead of you."
NLT Well,' Esau said, 'let’s be going. I will lead the way.'
KJV And he said, Let us take our journey, and let us go, and I will go before thee.
NKJV Then Esau said, “Let us take our journey; let us go, and I will go before you.”

What does Genesis 33:12 mean?

Twenty years prior, Jacob and Esau had a falling-out that caused Jacob to flee for his life (Genesis 27:41–45). Now, the twin brothers have been reunited, apparently without hard feelings on the part of Esau (Genesis 33:4). Questions of revenge and bitterness have seemingly been resolved. Esau has accepted Jacob and has received his large gift (Genesis 32:13–17) as a blessing.

Now Esau invites Jacob to travel with him back to his home in Seir in the region of Edom. Jacob's response will be to plead for rest for his caravan. He will suggest that Esau and his men go on ahead, and that Jacob will continue behind them until reaching Seir (Genesis 33:13–14). Jacob, however, won't go to Seir, instead heading to Succoth, which is literally in the opposite direction (Genesis 33:17).
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