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Proverbs 9:15

ESV calling to those who pass by, who are going straight on their way,
NIV calling out to those who pass by, who go straight on their way,
NASB Calling to those who pass by, Who are going straight on their paths:
CSB calling to those who pass by, who go straight ahead on their paths:
NLT She calls out to men going by who are minding their own business.
KJV To call passengers who go right on their ways:

What does Proverbs 9:15 mean?

Godly Wisdom, imagined as a woman, was also depicted as calling out to others (Proverbs 8:1–4). In this chapter, Wisdom appeared as a noble woman extending an invitation to a feast (Proverbs 9:1–6). The inversion of Wisdom, known as Folly (Proverbs 9:13–14), also makes an effort to attract others into her influence.

Folly beckons to those who go about their daily business and pass by. Obviously, she hopes to catch some of them in her net. Perhaps the reference to those "who are going straight on their way" identifies young men of character. The Devil seeks to destroy even strong believers. He prowls like a lion in search of someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). We need to be sober-minded and watchful, while we resist him in the faith and submit ourselves to God (1 Peter 5:9).

Like well-disciplined runners, believers ought to avoid the distractions evil places in their path and run with endurance with their eyes fixed on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1–2). Lot is a prime example of a believer who looked toward Sodom, the evil city, and chose to camp nearby. However, eventually he moved into the city, settled down there, and ultimately lost everything, including his wife (Genesis 13:1–13; 19:1–26). It is wise to follow a straight godly path and abstain from every form of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22).
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