Proverbs 10:30

ESV The righteous will never be removed, but the wicked will not dwell in the land.
NIV The righteous will never be uprooted, but the wicked will not remain in the land.
NASB The righteous will never be shaken, But the wicked will not live in the land.
CSB The righteous will never be shaken, but the wicked will not remain on the earth.
NLT The godly will never be disturbed, but the wicked will be removed from the land.
KJV The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.

What does Proverbs 10:30 mean?

This recalls God's promise to the Israelites before they entered Canaan, the Promised Land. In Deuteronomy 27:1–2 Moses and the elders of Israel reminded the people that they would enter Canaan, "the land that the LORD your God is giving you." However, in Deuteronomy 28 Moses promised punishment if the Israelites turned away from the Lord in the Promised Land. He warned: "And as the LORD took delight in doing you good and multiplying you, so the LORD will take delight in bringing ruin upon you and destroying you. And you shall be plucked off the land that you are entering to take possession of it" (Deuteronomy 28:63).

The general meaning of this proverb is the same as the others in this section of chapter 10 (Proverbs 10:27–29). In general, those who sincerely pursue truth will find more success than those who defy God.

This comment also carries an eternal application. Psalm 37:29 echoes the promise God gave to Israel in Deuteronomy 27. It says, "The righteous shall inherit the land and dwell upon it forever." Someday, the Lord Jesus will establish His kingdom on earth, and Israel will be a peaceful, productive, prosperous land in which the righteous will dwell, but not a single wicked person will set foot in it (Matthew 25:31–46; John 3:5).
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