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Philippians 2:28

ESV I am the more eager to send him, therefore, that you may rejoice at seeing him again, and that I may be less anxious.
NIV Therefore I am all the more eager to send him, so that when you see him again you may be glad and I may have less anxiety.
NASB Therefore I have sent him all the more eagerly, so that when you see him again you may rejoice and I may be less concerned about you.
CSB For this reason, I am very eager to send him so that you may rejoice again when you see him and I may be less anxious.
NLT So I am all the more anxious to send him back to you, for I know you will be glad to see him, and then I will not be so worried about you.
KJV I sent him therefore the more carefully, that, when ye see him again, ye may rejoice, and that I may be the less sorrowful.

What does Philippians 2:28 mean?

In this verse Paul gave two other reasons for sending Epaphroditus to the Philippian believers. In addition to his work as a letter carrier, there was an element of reunion. His goal was to bring joy to his readers when Epaphroditus arrived. Why? First, he was their friend. They missed him and would be glad upon his return. Second, they had heard he was sick and would be excited to see him healthy again.

The other reason Paul sent him was personal to Paul himself. Paul seems to have been worried by the fact that Epaphroditus had been near death, and was then healed, yet his friends had not heard about this improvement. They were likely still praying and hoping for his physical situation to improve, but had received no news about his status. Receiving this update from Epaphroditus himself would be a welcome blessing, and greatly ease Paul's mind.
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