Job 10:3

ESV Does it seem good to you to oppress, to despise the work of your hands and favor the designs of the wicked?
NIV Does it please you to oppress me, to spurn the work of your hands, while you smile on the plans of the wicked?
NASB Is it right for You indeed to oppress, To reject the work of Your hands, And to look favorably on the plan of the wicked?
CSB Is it good for you to oppress, to reject the work of your hands, and favor the plans of the wicked?
NLT What do you gain by oppressing me? Why do you reject me, the work of your own hands, while smiling on the schemes of the wicked?
KJV Is it good unto thee that thou shouldest oppress, that thou shouldest despise the work of thine hands, and shine upon the counsel of the wicked?

What does Job 10:3 mean?

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