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Genesis 23:20

ESV The field and the cave that is in it were made over to Abraham as property for a burying place by the Hittites.
NIV So the field and the cave in it were deeded to Abraham by the Hittites as a burial site.
NASB So the field and the cave that was in it were deeded over to Abraham for a burial site by the sons of Heth.
CSB The field with its cave passed from the Hethites to Abraham as burial property.
NLT So the field and the cave were transferred from the Hittites to Abraham for use as a permanent burial place.
KJV And the field, and the cave that is therein, were made sure unto Abraham for a possession of a buryingplace by the sons of Heth.

What does Genesis 23:20 mean?

This verse restates one more time the final legal result of Abraham's deal with Ephron. The Hittites signed off on the transaction. The field and cave were fully "made over" to Abraham for a burying place. They were his property. Abraham's purpose in buying this land was to establish a family tomb, for himself and his descendants, in the Promised Land which God had given them.

Not only was Sarah buried in this cave, Abraham, their son Isaac, his wife Rebekah, their son Jacob, and his wife Leah, would be buried here, as well. With this burial cave and field, the people of God had begun their occupation of the promised land of Canaan.
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