Ezekiel 27:13

ESV Javan, Tubal, and Meshech traded with you; they exchanged human beings and vessels of bronze for your merchandise.
NIV 'Greece, Tubal and Meshek did business with you; they traded human beings and articles of bronze for your wares.
NASB Javan, Tubal, and Meshech, they were your traders; with human lives and vessels of bronze they paid for your merchandise.
CSB Javan, Tubal, and Meshech were your merchants. They exchanged slaves and bronze utensils for your goods.
NLT Merchants from Greece, Tubal, and Meshech brought slaves and articles of bronze to trade with you.
KJV Javan, Tubal, and Meshech, they were thy merchants: they traded the persons of men and vessels of brass in thy market.

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