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Ezekiel 2:10

ESV And he spread it before me. And it had writing on the front and on the back, and there were written on it words of lamentation and mourning and woe.
NIV which he unrolled before me. On both sides of it were written words of lament and mourning and woe.
NASB When He spread it out before me, it was written on the front and back, and written on it were songs of mourning, sighing, and woe.
CSB When he unrolled it before me, it was written on the front and back; words of lamentation, mourning, and woe were written on it.
NLT which he unrolled. And I saw that both sides were covered with funeral songs, words of sorrow, and pronouncements of doom.
KJV And he spread it before me; and it was written within and without: and there was written therein lamentations, and mourning, and woe.

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