Acts 27:26

ESV But we must run aground on some island."
NIV Nevertheless, we must run aground on some island."
NASB But we must run aground on a certain island.'
CSB But we have to run aground on some island."
NLT But we will be shipwrecked on an island.'
KJV Howbeit we must be cast upon a certain island.
NKJV However, we must run aground on a certain island.”

What does Acts 27:26 mean?

The crew members of the ship carrying Paul do not quite know where they are. They know the wind blew them southwest from Crete toward the dangerous sandbars off the shore of Libya. However, the fierce storm has hidden the sun and stars for days and they can't get their bearing (Acts 27:20). They've jettisoned some of their cargo and tackle already (Acts 27:17–21). Now, they sense they have changed direction and are pointed northwest, across the southern edge of the Adriatic Sea between Greece and Italy (Acts 27:27). Where, however, is anyone's guess.

In fact, they are crossing the Adriatic. They'll come level with the southern point of Sicily before diving southwest again and crashing into a reef off the island of Malta. The ship will be destroyed. The cargo will be thrown overboard. But they'll escape with their lives (Acts 27:38–44).

Paul is responsible for the fact that everyone lives. Even though he is a prisoner in the custody of the centurion, his status doesn't really matter to him. It doesn't shame him into silence. When he knew the ship's captain and pilot were planning a catastrophic mistake, he boldly told them so (Acts 27:10). When the ship's crew try to abandon the passengers, he warns the centurion to act (Acts 27:30–32). When they are about to crash into the reef, he makes everyone eat for strength (Acts 27:33–36). Paul does not allow others' perceptions detract from his God-given mission to serve them.
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