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3 John chapter 1

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What does 3 John chapter 1 mean?

Third John consists of only 15 total verses (14 in some translations). It is the second-shortest book in the Bible. Only 2 John has fewer verses, at 13. This sometimes leads to confusion over verses. In truth, there are no "chapters" in 3 John, but it would be confusing to refer to verses as 3 John 1, 3 John 2, etc. So, to make things easier, verses are labelled as if they are in the "first" chapter of the book.

Verse 1 begins with an introduction from "the elder," traditionally the apostle John. He writes to Gaius, whom he loves "in truth." Truth is mentioned six times in these 15 verses.

Verses 2–8 highlight the positive traits of Gaius. He treats "the brethren," traveling Christian teachers, well (3 John 1:5) and they speak highly of him among the churches (3 John 1:6). Such traveling teachers serve "for the sake of the Name" and receive no financial support from Gentiles (3 John 1:7). They are to be supported by "us" as missionaries or messengers of the truth (3 John 1:8).

Verses 9–10 speak of the evil influence of Diotrephes, a prideful church leader who disregarded the authority of Gaius and John (3 John 1:9). John hoped to personally visit to speak against him and the ungodly actions Diotrephes had committed against God's people (3 John 1:10).

Verses 11–12 mention a third individual named Demetrius. Believers are to imitate good, not evil (3 John 1:11). Demetrius has a good testimony from all people as well as "from the truth itself" (3 John 1:12). John also spoke well of him.

Verses 13–15 offer a short conclusion. John wants to meet "face to face" (3 John 1:13–14) and offers a closing benediction of peace, saying those with him send greetings and to greet their common friends by name.
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