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1 John 2:25

ESV And this is the promise that he made to us—eternal life.
NIV And this is what he promised us--eternal life.
NASB This is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.
CSB And this is the promise that he himself made to us: eternal life.
NLT And in this fellowship we enjoy the eternal life he promised us.
KJV And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.

What does 1 John 2:25 mean?

The focus of this verse is God's promise of eternal life. Eternal life is mentioned six times in this brief letter. Jesus is eternal life (1 John 1:2). God gives believers eternal life through Jesus (1 John 5:11). Further, we can know we have eternal life (1 John 5:13). This part of John's letter focuses heavily on false teachers. It's possible that those he writes to were being taught to doubt whether or not the gospel message was true.

Eternal life is not something a believer "might" have, but is a promise of God. Whoever truly believes in Jesus can have eternal life (John 3:15–16; 3:36; 4:14, 36; 5:24). The Old Testament Scriptures "bear witness" of eternal life in Jesus (John 5:39). John 17:3 notes, "And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." "Eternal life" is used 17 times in John's Gospel, marked as a consistent theme in both his Gospel and this letter.
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