Numbers 7:2 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Numbers 7:2, NIV: Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of families who were the tribal leaders in charge of those who were counted, made offerings.

Numbers 7:2, ESV: the chiefs of Israel, heads of their fathers’ houses, who were the chiefs of the tribes, who were over those who were listed, approached

Numbers 7:2, KJV: That the princes of Israel, heads of the house of their fathers, who were the princes of the tribes, and were over them that were numbered, offered:

Numbers 7:2, NASB: Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of their fathers’ households, made an offering (they were the leaders of the tribes; they were the supervisors over the numbered men).

Numbers 7:2, NLT: Then the leaders of Israel--the tribal leaders who had registered the troops--came and brought their offerings.

Numbers 7:2, CSB: the leaders of Israel, the heads of their ancestral families, presented an offering. They were the tribal leaders who supervised the registration.

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