Numbers 26:54 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Numbers 26:54, NIV: To a larger group give a larger inheritance, and to a smaller group a smaller one; each is to receive its inheritance according to the number of those listed.

Numbers 26:54, ESV: To a large tribe you shall give a large inheritance, and to a small tribe you shall give a small inheritance; every tribe shall be given its inheritance in proportion to its list.

Numbers 26:54, KJV: To many thou shalt give the more inheritance, and to few thou shalt give the less inheritance: to every one shall his inheritance be given according to those that were numbered of him.

Numbers 26:54, NASB: To a larger group you shall increase their inheritance, and to a smaller group you shall decrease their inheritance; each shall be given their inheritance corresponding to the total of those who were numbered of them.

Numbers 26:54, NLT: Give the larger tribes more land and the smaller tribes less land, each group receiving a grant in proportion to the size of its population.

Numbers 26:54, CSB: Increase the inheritance for a large tribe and decrease it for a small one. Each is to be given its inheritance according to those who were registered in it.

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