Numbers 18:5

ESV And you shall keep guard over the sanctuary and over the altar, that there may never again be wrath on the people of Israel.
NIV You are to be responsible for the care of the sanctuary and the altar, so that my wrath will not fall on the Israelites again.
NASB So you shall perform the duties of the sanctuary and the duties of the altar, so that there will no longer be wrath on the sons of Israel.
CSB "You are to guard the sanctuary and the altar so that wrath may not fall on the Israelites again.
NLT You yourselves must perform the sacred duties inside the sanctuary and at the altar. If you follow these instructions, the Lord’s anger will never again blaze against the people of Israel.
KJV And ye shall keep the charge of the sanctuary, and the charge of the altar: that there be no wrath any more upon the children of Israel.

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