Nahum 3:2 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Nahum 3:2, NIV: The crack of whips, the clatter of wheels, galloping horses and jolting chariots!

Nahum 3:2, ESV: The crack of the whip, and rumble of the wheel, galloping horse and bounding chariot!

Nahum 3:2, KJV: The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the pransing horses, and of the jumping chariots.

Nahum 3:2, NASB: The sound of the whip, The sound of the roar of the wheel, Galloping horses And bounding chariots!

Nahum 3:2, NLT: Hear the crack of whips, the rumble of wheels! Horses' hooves pound, and chariots clatter wildly.

Nahum 3:2, CSB: The crack of the whip and rumble of the wheel, galloping horse and jolting chariot!

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