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Mark 7:28

ESV But she answered him, "Yes, Lord; yet even the dogs under the table eat the children 's crumbs."
NIV "Lord," she replied, "even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs."
NASB But she answered and *said to Him, 'Yes, Lord, but even the dogs under the table feed on the children’s crumbs.'
CSB But she replied to him, "Lord, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs."
NLT She replied, 'That’s true, Lord, but even the dogs under the table are allowed to eat the scraps from the children’s plates.'
KJV And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs.
NKJV And she answered and said to Him, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.”

What does Mark 7:28 mean?

The Canaanites have feuded and warred with Israel since the time of Joshua, but now a Canaanite woman kneels before Jesus, begging Him to free her daughter from a demon. He tells her, "It is not right to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs" (Mark 7:27), and she sees her chance.

Unlike the disciples who continually show fear and anxiety (Mark 4:38; 6:37; 8:4), the woman has faith that all she needs is crumbs. She doesn't even ask Jesus to come to her house. She believes that whatever attention and power He has to spare is enough.

"Lord" is from the Greek root word kurios and is used to identify someone with authority. Scripture also uses the title of Jesus to mean Messiah (John 20:28), but here she probably means "sir." She places herself under His authority and discretion. She has one request and trusts that He can and will meet it. This is the faith the Nazarenes couldn't understand (Mark 6:1–6).

Most of the Jews don't understand Jesus' riddles or parables and have to ask Him to explain. The Canaanite woman understands immediately and plays along. The Gospels show that she is not the only woman to show insight into Jesus' character. The woman at the well might have been trying to dodge Jesus' choice of topic, or taking the unexpected chance to have a theological discussion with a Jewish prophet (John 4:19–20). Mary of Bethany may have been the only person who fully realized Jesus was going to die (Mark 14:3–9).

The image of the children and the dogs is a metaphor for Christianity. God fed the Jews with truth until they could take no more and hanged Jesus on a cross. Then He sent the gospel to the Gentiles (Romans 3:29). Those who are happy to receive the crumbs under the table will find themselves at the wedding feast of the Lamb (Revelation 19:6–9).
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