Leviticus 21:18 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Leviticus 21:18, NIV: "No man who has any defect may come near: no man who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed;"

Leviticus 21:18, ESV: "For no one who has a blemish shall draw near, a man blind or lame, or one who has a mutilated face or a limb too long,"

Leviticus 21:18, KJV: "For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous,"

Leviticus 21:18, NASB: "For no one who has an impairment shall approach: a man who is blind, or one who limps, or one who has a slit nose, or one with any conspicuous feature,"

Leviticus 21:18, NLT: "No one who has a defect qualifies, whether he is blind, lame, disfigured, deformed,"

Leviticus 21:18, CSB: "No man who has any defect is to come near: no man who is blind, lame, facially disfigured, or deformed;"

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