Leviticus 13:41

ESV And if a man’s hair falls out from his forehead, he has baldness of the forehead; he is clean.
NIV If he has lost his hair from the front of his scalp and has a bald forehead, he is clean.
NASB And if his head becomes bald at the front and sides, he is bald on the forehead; he is clean.
CSB Or if he loses the hair at his hairline, he is bald on his forehead, but he is clean.
NLT And if he loses hair on his forehead, he simply has a bald forehead; he is still clean.
KJV And he that hath his hair fallen off from the part of his head toward his face, he is forehead bald: yet is he clean.

What does Leviticus 13:41 mean?

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