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Judges 21:9

ESV For when the people were mustered, behold, not one of the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead was there.
NIV For when they counted the people, they found that none of the people of Jabesh Gilead were there.
NASB For when the people were counted, behold, not one of the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead was there.
CSB For when the roll was called, no men were there from the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead.
NLT For after they counted all the people, no one from Jabesh-gilead was present.
KJV For the people were numbered, and, behold, there were none of the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead there.

What does Judges 21:9 mean?

In the prior chapter, eleven of the twelve tribes of Israel assembled to bring justice to the twelfth tribe, Benjamin (Judges 20:11–13). That conflict resulted in the near-extinction of the Benjaminites (Judges 20:47–48). To make things worse, those present at the assembly vowed never to give their daughters to men of Benjamin (Judges 21:1). With only six hundred males left alive, the tribe is doomed unless a loophole can be found.

One town of Israel, Jabesh-gilead, sent no men to the assembly. That was the subject of another vow, where Israel promised to kill anyone who failed to support the war. While this means the clan is subject to death, it also means they did not join in the vow about marrying their daughters to Benjaminites. This unique situation is an opportunity for the tribe of Benjamin to avoid dying off.
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