Judges 18:25 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓]

Judges 18:25, NIV: The Danites answered, 'Don't argue with us, or some of the men may get angry and attack you, and you and your family will lose your lives.'

Judges 18:25, ESV: And the people of Dan said to him, “Do not let your voice be heard among us, lest angry fellows fall upon you, and you lose your life with the lives of your household.”

Judges 18:25, KJV: And the children of Dan said unto him, Let not thy voice be heard among us, lest angry fellows run upon thee, and thou lose thy life, with the lives of thy household.

Judges 18:25, NASB: Then the sons of Dan said to him, 'Do not let your voice be heard among us, or else fierce men will attack you, and you will lose your life and the lives of your household.'

Judges 18:25, NLT: The men of Dan said, 'Watch what you say! There are some short-tempered men around here who might get angry and kill you and your family.'

Judges 18:25, CSB: The Danites said to him, "Don't raise your voice against us, or angry men will attack you, and you and your family will lose your lives."

What does Judges 18:25 mean? [⇑ See verse text ⇑]

Micah (Judges 17:1–5, 13) has brought neighbors to help confront the migrating people of Dan (Judges 18:1, 11–13). The convoy of six hundred warriors and their families have stolen his household idols and other sacred objects, along with his hired priest (Judges 18:14–20). Micah's group has chased the Danites down and made their complaint. The Danite warriors first pretended—probably in sarcasm—not to know why Micah was so upset. Here, they simply point out that they don't care.

In essence, they just tell Micah to go away. His group of neighbors are obviously no match for their six-hundred-man army. Their command to him is like a modern person saying, "shut up and leave if you know what's good for you." They make a point of threatening not just Micah, and those he's brought with him, but his entire family back home. There's nothing Micah can do to stop them, and they know this.

Realizing this, Micah will turn back without any of his stolen goods (Judges 18:26). The caravan from the tribe of Dan will continue to Laish (Judges 18:7–10), where they will encounter another group of people unprepared for war. This is deliberate, and the men from Dan will annihilate the peaceful Sidonians there, taking their land (Judges 18:27–28).