Jeremiah 52:21

ESV As for the pillars, the height of the one pillar was eighteen cubits, its circumference was twelve cubits, and its thickness was four fingers, and it was hollow.
NIV Each pillar was eighteen cubits high and twelve cubits in circumference; each was four fingers thick, and hollow.
NASB As for the pillars, the height of each pillar was eighteen cubits, and it was twelve cubits in circumference and four fingers in thickness, and hollow.
CSB One pillar was 27 feet tall, had a circumference of 18 feet, was hollow--four fingers thick--
NLT Each of the pillars was 27 feet tall and 18 feet in circumference. They were hollow, with walls 3 inches thick.
KJV And concerning the pillars, the height of one pillar was eighteen cubits; and a fillet of twelve cubits did compass it; and the thickness thereof was four fingers: it was hollow.

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