Jeremiah 46:6

ESV "The swift cannot flee away, nor the warrior escape; in the north by the river Euphrates they have stumbled and fallen.
NIV "The swift cannot flee nor the strong escape. In the north by the River Euphrates they stumble and fall.
NASB Let not the swift man flee, Nor the warrior escape. In the north beside the river Euphrates They have stumbled and fallen.
CSB The swift cannot flee, and the warrior cannot escape! In the north by the bank of the Euphrates River, they stumble and fall.
NLT 'The swiftest runners cannot flee; the mightiest warriors cannot escape. By the Euphrates River to the north, they stumble and fall.
KJV Let not the swift flee away, nor the mighty man escape; they shall stumble, and fall toward the north by the river Euphrates.
NKJV “Do not let the swift flee away, Nor the mighty man escape; They will stumble and fall Toward the north, by the River Euphrates.

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